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  • 11/24/2020: added a music player with a bomb fukin playlist 2 the main page, you should listen 2 it. [EDIT 8:17 PM: OK THE MUSIC PLAYER WORKS NOW, I HADN'T TESTED IT, I'M SO DUMB.] just fucking kidding, it doesn't actually fucking work, why would it work, it literally breaks the whole fucking website instead. holy shit. why the fuck is it so fucking hard to play a fucking mp3 without flash on my fucking website in 2020. holy goddamn shit. i'm going to snap like a piece of balsa wood. ***EDIT 8:52 PM***: okay i found a different audio player lol. this one maybe works. i can style it later lol
  • added banners from some new mutuals (I LOVE Y'ALL OMG!!!). updated my diary. updated progress on "my brilliant friend".
  • 11/22/2020: added my current impressions of "my brilliant friend" to BOOK CLUB page. also, made this page a clusterfuck. added a ton more shit. idk, you look around and figure it out.
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