fanfic korner!!!

thisi s where i will put fanfiction that i write. so far there is only 1. ok

mob psycho 100

the big empty

words: 45k
pairing: mob/teru
rating: g

summary: in which mob tries to teach teru how to cook for himself and accidentally becomes his best friend.

in 2019 i wrote a mob psycho 100 fanfiction. i actually wrote a lot of this fic in the summer of 2019 in secret hiding from my dad because i was forced to live at his house and he was verbally and physically abusing me. so it ws kind of a coping mechanism, which might be why it's so sappy and fluffy. i wrote it because i wanted to flesh out the backstory of a character that i found interesting. it is a gay romance slow burn and i like the way i used words in it.

in my opinion now it is pretty juvenile and pretty clearly my first piece of writing on this scale, but that is okay. it is about being about fourteen, developing a friendship with someone and becoming incredibly close with them and having secret crush feelings about them. it is also about growing up and trying to be a better person than you’ve been in the past. i feel like i could have handled the family themes in a way that emotionally connected to the reader more. i love it when people leave really nice comments on this fic.