hi everyone this is a page for my friends!!!!!!!

no not the friends i made on the internet or neocities though. i am making another page for that later. these friends are friends i made myelf. i made them!!!! all by myself. they like to hang around onthis website. i love their antics!!!!

you can lern a little more about them here!!!!!


she is in her early 30s. she runs a letterpress shop.

she is active in local grassroots anarchist circles. she bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie!

her favorite color of letterpress ink is bright red.


she... uh...... i dunno what to say about her really.

it's not that there's not a lot to say about her.... i'm just not sure WHAT to say about her.

she's very spacy... her head is very scratchy inside.

she lives in a good house that she found.



woowoo is the site mascot of uwoowo!!

he was designed by cicaduh who drew this picture of him as well!!

he's a sea bunny slug who's made of agar jelly. it seems the secretions he leaves behind taste of sugar......

after surviving a deadly car crash, he began building a shrine.

he's very fond of anime. his favorites are di gi charat, alien nine, and lucky star.


she went in the comp,uter and didn's come back.