hunter x hunter is a shonen battle/adventure manga series by yoshihiro togashi. it is never serialized in shueisha's weekly shonen jump.there haev been 2 anime made of it. the most popular anime is the 2011 anime by studio madhouse which has 148 episodes and is on crunchyroll you can literally watch all of it for free.

its about this 12-year-old boy named gon who is travevling the world trying to find his biological father. he meets a bunch of other kids who are all trying to do other things and they travel together and they sort of have this found family thing going on.

what i like about thunter x hunter is that its good. you know how you watched narto and it made you angry? hxh is like tht, but it makes uoy have good writing feelings instead. you know how now you watch my hero academia and you wish you remember how it felt to feel something meaningful? hxh is like that, except ti makes uyo have emotions whner the characters do things that R important 2 rhem.

th reason i rogiingaly got into it, is bcuz i think it's very based that the main characters' love interest is also another 12-year-old boy whoz also a major character, and it's not a big deal in the show. in the fandom it's THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER and people claw each others' throats out over it but actualyl it is just very cute. they are best friends and in lov

i lov hunterx hunter because it is very good and kind of weird just a littl bit somtimes. it is also gay and trans and i think thats brave and sexy of it. killua is a big comfort character for me. i kno he was an assassin one time but now he is a wonerful young man,.

but, even putting that aside please do check it out. it is actually very well written and takes on a lot of common adventure tropes in a refereshing & complicating way.

ok thanks. heres all the content ive made for it on this site.