the puppetry homepage
general instructions regarding the construction of shadow puppets



"a literature blog that isn’t always about literature. (...) Posts are not edited prior to publication." absolutely fucking baller

dead blog that absolutely kicked ass and nothing like it has really happened since, featured in-depth book reviews and articles on literary subjects from really talented writers. if the world was good it would still be updating

general repository for literary news on the internet, regularly comes out with a lot of really good articles on a lot of different literature-related subjects, has a few articles by old men smelling their own farts

free resources related to the study of the arts & humanities, unique in its general focus on modernity (read: it's not a bunch of ebooks of obscure gothic romances from the 18th century with lapsed copyrights). notable in that it hosts the publicized recommended reading lists/syllabi of multiple contemporary writers, including donald barthelme, dfw, etc.

cweepy spoopy mystewious

saya in underworld
archive of translated japanese creepypasta

horror-themed youtube channel

solving jonbenet
(tw: discussion of a real-life child murder) some anonymous guy's blog about his theory on the unsolved murder of jonbenet ramsey

giant archive of information and media related to the unsolved murder of jonbenet ramsey

casey anthony timeline
giant archive of information related to the unsolved murder of caylee anthony

obsidian snow
cryptic "rabbit hole" site