stuff i bought on mandarake

mandarake is a store in japan where you can buy other peoples old stuff. the thing about it that is differnt is that they have an online store nd they seem 2 havee a focus on hobby and collectors itemns. i like 2 collect thigns, nd i have hobbies. this will be a runnin list of stuff i have bouht on mandarake. thank u.

volks msd rock

date purchased: 5/15/2021
price (before shipping): 15,000 yen


ok ok so this is a polyurethane ball-jointed doll (bjd) they r basically made most ly by asian companies they r collectors items they are rare adn expensive.

this boy was at an INCREDIBLE price for what he is. he was made in '06, a vintage boy! his headplate on the back pf his head even says "'06" on it! he was produced by volks as a kit for people who were taking a special class at a volks store to learn how to paint doll faces. whoe ever painted his face was rly bad at at it probably cuz they were learning so i am having it repainted by a pro artiost. i am sorry to thi s person <3

he was at such a low price cause he had stains and dirt and was yellowed (yellowed means = polyurethane resin reacrs over time with oxygen and turns yellow but dirt and sunlighy can make it worse) so right now as we speak i am busy restoring him!!!! i am pretty good at this and he is goign to look a lot better i will psot the after picz when he is done :D

anyway i am suuppper super happy with this purchase volks are very prized and rare expensive dolls nd this was an incredible deal PLUS even tho he was an impulse buy i fell in love wth him as soon as he arroived and i opened the box. i think his name is gonna be either milford or solomon. dependz how he looks when the artist is done w his face. heis gonna be a nun boy.

this is my first doll after returning to the bjd hobby for the first time in 10 years and i couldnt be happier :D i cant wait to post more about him i love him <333 hes my son <3 he still needz hair nd clothez but dont worry i am gettin him sum

more coming soon!!!